Little Foodies

The way to the soul is through the stomach…right? The Little Foodies Program is headed by our very own certified chef! We provide breakfast and two snacks daily which are prepared in house with health and delight in mind!

Little Foodies Program

Developing good eating habits at a young age are critical to lifelong health. It is our duty, as care providers, to encourage our Little Foodies to eat the “yucky” stuff, which means using our creativity. We will provide lots of opportunities for lessons in the kitchen, from cleaning up to preparing special goodies.

Cooking lessons for the Little Foodies will be in very small groups of 3 or 4 Foodies to enable the best possible experience. We want each child to be able to participate and enjoy the entire process, that way they can carry this interest throughout their lives.


Some Benefits of Cooking:

  • Build math skills by measuring and counting ingredients

  • Build social skills by working side-by-side with their fellow Foodies, discussing their choices, and introducing new vocabulary

  • Build reading skills by teaching them to follow a basic printed recipe

  • Build listening skills by having them follow instructions


Why we do not provide lunch: Having lots of different children equals lots of different taste buds to consider! We believe that since our parents know their child(ren) better than anyone else, they would be able to provide the best lunch options for them. If your we find that your Little Foodie has taken on any new interests as we introduce them to new flavors, we will be sure to share that information!


Our gardening program will include all the stages of growth (from sprouting to ripening to rotting). We start from seeds using our grow light system indoors, the Little Foodies will help us tend to the plants each day, and be able to watch the sprouting first hand. Once the plant is ready, we will transplant the sprout into our planter outdoors. The Foodies will continue to care for our fruits and veggies until they are ripe and ready to harvest!


Some Benefits of Gardening:

  • Engages all the senses

  • Teaches them to be environmentally conscious

  • Encourages healthy eating

  • Teaches patience

  • Enhances fine motor development

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