How Gardening Helps Children Grow

Sun is shining! Birds are chirping! What should we do today? I have an idea…


Gardening is a great activity to practice with your little ones anywhere! Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, gardening is always accessible. You can use pots on your patio, a planter in your back yard, or even a community garden (this might require a little research, but it will be worth it!).

Exposing young children to gardening at a young age can help establish a strong sense of environmental awareness, as well as promote healthy eating habits. We want to encourage children to appreciate nature.

Students involved in hands-on school gardening programs develop an increased snacking preference for fruits and veggies…especially the ones they have harvested with their own little hands! Involving children in the gardening process is instrumental in preventing obesity as well as other health problems. Gardening is a surprisingly physical activity. Digging, raking, and turning compost require the use of upper and lower body muscles which provides engaging and moderate exercise.

Benefits to gardening with your Little Investigators:

· Encourages healthier eating

· Builds self confidence

· Develops STEM & analytical abilities (introduces scientific concepts)

· Relieves stress

· Improves Focus & Memory

· Positively impacts mood & psychological well-being

· Engages all the senses

· Enhances fine motor development

· Family bonding

· Teaches responsibility

· Highlights importance of taking care of the environment

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