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Little Investigators

Play. Learn.



Our youngest learners program is designed to build on cognitive and physical growth, along with problem solving and self help skills.


This class is for children 3 - 4 years old and is our true preschool year where we focus on independence, extend language and social interactions. 


This class is for our oldest children, this year is all about collaboration. The children rely on each other's strengths to complete tasks, face challenges and solve problems. 


Our Approach

We believe that quality early care and education is best learned through play and investigation (Project Based Learning and Emelio-Reggio), which calls for child-centered evolving curriculum. Little Investigators classroom program is designed to encourage active involvement, hands on experiences, investigation, and reflection about topics they care about. 

Project Based Learning builds on children's natural curiosity which allows them to experience the joy of self-motivated learning. When using project-based learning, children are empowered to ask questions, conduct their own investigations, and formulate answers creating excited and driven learners. 

What People Say

My child has been so happy & loves her teachers / fellow students . Little investigators has been very welcoming, excellent with communication, and so so helpful!

All of the teachers are patient, kind and the kids love them. My three-year-old made major strides with social skills, listening and communication while he was there.

Whenever we talk, they can’t wait to tell me about their teachers and friends. When it is time to go home, they don’t want to leave.


I am so happy I found them.

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