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Project Based Learning

How does PBL work?

Project Based Learning, by definition, is an in-depth investigation of a real world topic worthy of a student's attention and effort. The key feature of a project is that it is a research effort deliberately focused on finding answers to questions about a topic posed either by the children, the teacher, or the teacher working with the children, research is the focus. PBL builds on natural curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem solve, communicate, reflect, and more. 

Preschool or Daycare

What is The Difference?


There are many benefits to the academic preschool curriculum, as its name implies. It is a precursor to grade school, meaning that academic preschool programs will focus on the introductory skills a child will need when entering kindergarten. This can greatly benefit them in the long run, as it has been proven that children who do not receive a good preschool education have a tougher time reaching success

down the road.

Preschool teachers are required to have college credits in early childhood education. 


Little Investigators Preschool is a licensed

preschool in the state of California. 


While some daycare centers do provide some sort of education, they mostly just act as a safe environment in which parents can drop their children off when they are busy with work or other responsibilities. Daycare centers allow children to socialize with others without parents having to rely on a nanny. They do not, however, provide children with the necessary academic building blocks for success. 

Both preschools and daycares are licensed by the state.

The state requires rigorous and thorough background checks to ensure the safety of children in both types of childcare programs. 

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