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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

  • What is your daily schedule and hours?
    We are open Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm. Our schedule is designed to allow time for the children to properly investigate topics that they care about, and the schedule may fluctuate from project to project.
  • Do you provide snacks or meals?
    Yes. We are proud to offer breakfast and two snacks, meals are planned by a certified chef and prepared on site. If you prefer you can send breakfast and snacks from home.
  • How do you handle discipline, ie. hitting, biting, pushing?
    All teachers are trained in positive discipline techniques. Positive discipline is designed to teach children to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their community without threats, bribes or yelling.
  • What is your teacher:child ratio?
    We keep the ratio as low as possible and will not exceed 1:10.
  • Do you provide potty training?
    Yes. Toilet training is a natural process which requires both emotional and physical maturity. We want to support you and your child in your efforts to learn how to toilet. If your child is in diapers or the potty training process, a daily log of his/hers bathroom activities will be maintained.
  • Do your teachers have early childhood education credits?
    Yes. All teachers have a minimum of 12 early childhood education credits, extensive background checked, trained in positive discipline, CPR and First Aid certified.
  • What should my child wear?
    Children should be dressed in comfortable, practical play clothes and dressed for the weather. We are proud of the unique outdoor surroundings on which we are located and like to investigate our neighborhood. The children may get dirty. Please plan ahead for your child to be out in all sorts of weather (not severe). If your child is not dress in appropriate clothing some will be borrowed when and where possible. If none is available the teachers will have your child stay in with the director while the rest of the class goes out. Tennis shoes are recommended. For safety reasons, we ask that children NOT wear sandals, slick-soled shoes, "Crocs", boots (with the exception of rainboots), or "dressy" shoes.
  • Can I sit with my child in class?
    Little Investigators is a drop-off program. We have an open door policy in which parents are always welcome to visit or observe the class. To avoid disruption to the other students, please limit visits to 15 minutes. It is often helpful to let the teachers know when you are coming, please no children and limit the visitors to 2 adults.
  • What is included in tuition?
    Your monthly tuition covers all preschool curriculum activities, programming and care during the school day as well as snacks, breakfast, cooking projects, and school materials.
  • What is not included in tuition?
    Field trips and special events occasionally require a small fee. Parents provide lunch, diapers, wipes, nap sheets, and other personal items.
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