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Diverse Learning Environments



Our youngest learners. During this age, the children will mostly participate in parallel play, which means they play alongside a friend, but not necessarily with that friend. They are still learning what it means to share. They are trying to understand the ins and outs of their rapidly changing worlds. Our Inspectors class has a lot of stories, discussions, art, song, and dance!



The Explorers class is when children will participate in associative play, which means they are interested in playing with a friend. They are understanding what it means to share and see the benefits in working with that friend towards a common goal. Explorers are encouraged to communicate with meaningful conversations. Teachers ask open-ended questions allowing them to expand their vocabulary. With better ability to follow direction and developing longer attention spans allowing them to focus and successfully handle more responsibility. 



Our oldest learners. This is the time for cooperation and group play. They are seeing the benefits of collaboration and are able to rely on each other to complete tasks. Communication is clear and the children appreciate the concept of conversation. They ask a lot of questions in order to make sure they have a clear understanding of the topic. We will encourage story-telling to better develop their memory recognition and language. With their advanced physicality and ability to follow directions well, teacher are able to give instructions and trust them to follow through. 

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