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 Accepting Applications



Thank you for your interest in Little Investigators Preschool! We are excited to meet you in person to give you information about our philosophy, curriculum, and mission. We know that picking a preschool has important consequences for your family and we hope that you find this process helpful and informative. 

For more information call


Note: Children must be 2 years of age and able to maintain a calm body during rest time. 

Children do not have to be potty trained. 

Path to Enrollment

Visit our social media

Please visit and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what happens in a day at Little Investigators.

Complete a Site Tour

Complete a site tour request. Please note, a preschool ages child must accompany you to the site tour. On the day of your tour you will meet with the Director. The Director can answer any questions you may have concerning the facility, philosophy, curriculum, and mission. During the tour you are invited to complete the application for Little Investigators. 

After the Site Tour

When you are home, please take some time to read all the information provided in the registration booklet. Then secure your child's slot in class or on the waitlist by completing the online application and paying the nonrefundable application fee. 

Start to talk with your child about the classroom fun, he or she may have a few questions about their new school make sure to ease his or her fears and answer questions honestly. 

Schedule an appointment with your pediatrician. 


Complete the registration paperwork online (Parent Checklist, Parent's Rights, Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment, Identification & Emergency Information, Physician's Report, Parent's Report, Personal Rights, and Parent Questionnaire).

Registration forms are below. 

Friendly reminder that a Pediatrician's Report is required to start preschool.

Set the Scene

Take some time alone with your child to set the scene for a smooth transition for both of you by talking honestly and enthusiastically about preschool. Have fun shopping for school supplies and gathering nap time lovey, cot sheet, blanket, kids' sized water bottle, a change of clothes and underwear. A backpack, lunch box, diapers, and sunscreen, are all needed for the first day of preschool. Make sure to have fun spending time together to prepare for an extremely exciting day for both of you. 

Have a positive talk about preschool

The night before school, make sure your child gets a good night's sleep. It's a transition for both of you so make sure to have a talk to help each other with the transition. On the first morning, plan a little extra time to get to school and do your best to drop off as quickly as possible. Your child may be a little scared and not want you to leave, this is totally normal and to be expected. We will give him or her a lot of cuddles and comfort while they make the transition. You're welcome to call us to check on your child, but don't worry we will send you many pictures and updates through out the day. 

Registration Forms

Below are all of the Registration Forms that must be completed by the Parent/Guardian prior to your child's first day of preschool. All forms can be completed online and will be sent directly to Little Investigators, please download the pdf for your records.

Let us know if you would prefer paper forms. 

Please download the Physician's Report, this form must be completed by your child's physician.

To help you stay organized you can download the Parent Checklist

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