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Rainy Day Activities

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas to keep little investigators busy while we stay safe inside. Here are a few fun activities to keep busy on rainy days, or anytime you need to keep children busy.

Movement Cube

First, throw the cube.

Next complete the task the cube lands on.

We add a number die which tells us how many times to complete the task, this helps children with their number recognition.

DIY Pompom Shooter

Cut the bottom part of a plastic cup; Cut the bottom part of a balloon; Insert the open part of the balloon to the mouth of the plastic cup. Tie the balloon end. Put a piece of pompom in the opening of the shooter. Pull the balloon end as far as you can and release it when you are ready to shoot. Have Fun!

DIY Yoga Mat Hopscotch Create an indoor or outdoor hopscotch mat from a yoga mat and duct tape. Get the kids moving even when inside all day.

DIY Bean Bag/Ball Toss Game Using homemade bean bags, this simple toss game is a great way to practice math, eye hand coordination and get moving when stuck indoors.

Make a Rain Stick

Take a cardboard tube (paper towel roll). Cover one end with foil and tape it shut. Fill the tube with rice, beans and popcorn kernels. Cover the open end with foil and tape it shut. Then decorate with stickers.

Freeze Dance.

Put music on then pause it during the song then everyone freezes. If you are playing with multiple children, you can play that if someone moves during the freeze time, they sit out. Keep playing until there is a winner.

Rain Gauge.

Measure the rain with a rain gauge. Just leave a sturdy cup outside and check on how much rain goes in it throughout the day. You can have the kids stick a ruler in the cup for an accurate measurement and record the measurements.

Play in Puddles!

Put on rain boots and make a splash outside.


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