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Yep! We are open!

Childcare is legally okay to stay open during the pandemic (while we navigate our situation) with modifications to our programs. It is our goal to provide childcare services to meet the needs of our community.

Research suggests that childcare centers don’t fuel the spread of COVID-19, as long as the center is taking proper steps. We are going beyond what is recommended to give everyone peace of mind.

While sending children to preschool isn’t the right choice for everyone there is value in doing so. High-quality learning experiences early in life, especially among disadvantaged children, have been linked to reduced chances of needing special education, higher graduation rates from high school and college, and better outcomes in terms of mental health and substance abuse later in life. Kids can get the same benefits in other ways, of course, but day care and preschool are important places for many children to develop key social and emotional skills.

Now Enrolling!! Help us get the word out by forwarding to your friends and family.

You can read our entire COVID-19 policy on our website.


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